Canterbury QuestionBank
by the Canterbury Working Group:
Raymond Lister, Kate Sanders, Marzieh Ahmadzadeh, Tony Clear, Stephen H. Edwards, Mike Goldweber, Chris Johnson, Robert McCartney, Elizabeth Patitsas, and Jaime Spacco


When writing exams, many computing educators find themselves wishing there existed repositories from which they could just copy exam questions. Such repository sites exist, but most of those sites do not have a lot of exam questions in them. While copying exam questions from a repository has its obvious attractions, there is little motivation for most academics to put exam questions into such repositories. This project proposes to reverse the repository building process. Instead of building the infrastructure for a repository in the hope that "if we build it they will come", the working group focused on producing content that repository builders would then be able to upload.

The working group produced a bank of questions suitable for quizzes, exams, and/or peer instruction with clickers, addressing a wide range of CS1/CS2 topics--pseudocode and conceptual as well as language-dependent questions.

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