Look Up Assignment Results



You want to look up the results and feedback for a submission you have recently made to Web-CAT.


Login To Web Cat if you are not already logged in.

Choose the Results tab:

If you have recently made a submission, you are shown the results for this most recent submission as soon as you click the Results tab.

If you want to view results for a different submission, or if Web-CAT does not show any results here, then follow the instructions to Look Up An Old Submission instead.

Once you find your submission results, you can Interpret Your Feedback Report.

You can also View Graphs Of Results to see how your scores change over time as you make submissions, or to compare your latest score to those of others in your class.


Course staff can use the Grading tab to look up the results of students in their courses. See the recipes for graders in the Web-CAT Cookbook.

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