Contact Your Administrator



You have a problem that you don’t know how to solve, or that requires permissions that your account does not have.


Contact your Web-CAT administrator.

Within Web-CAT, every page contains a Comments to: link in the footer that lists the e-mail address for the administrator of your Web-CAT server. Use it to send a request for help.


There are three separate avenues for help available within Web-CAT, so please choose the most appropriate path.

For help on the user interface, or to find out what a particular control does, Click the help link on the upper right of the Web-CAT page you are on.

To make a comment about Web-CAT’s features, to report a bug, or to suggest improvements or request additional features, click the feedback link on the upper right of the Web-CAT page you are on.

To request administrative assistance, particularly for instructors who need to change or alter something that they do not have permission to fix themselves, use the comments to: link in the footer to directly e-mail your site administrator.


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