Which JUnit version should I get?

I received this question from a new user, who wanted to download JUnit and asked:

> what version should i get?

Depending on which IDE you use, you may already have it.  Most IDEs already have some version of JUnit built in.

If you need to download a stand-alone copy of JUnit, get the most recent version available on the junit.org site (v4.10 at the time of this message).  You probably want junit-4.10.jar, which is the only thing you need to run tests.  The zip files include all the source and javadoc, if you'd prefer to have that instead.

The v4 distributions of JUnit also work fine with all the older v3 tests, so you can use either style of test cases with this distribution. 




Hi there! Is that still v4.10

Hi there!

Is that still v4.10 or there is a newer version?

Anyway I'm gonna check up the given site! Tnx!



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