Successfully Added Plagiarism Detection Functionality to Web-CAT

Dear all,

As part of my masters thesis, i am integrating a  Plagiarism detection tool plaggie with Web-CAT. Plaggie is an open source plagiarism detection tool for Java. 

Unlike MOSS and JPlag the detection is done locally and thus offers privacy. I added the functionaltiy on top of  the latest SVN relese of Web-CAT

So far the results look good. If anyone is interested in adding this to your Web-CAT instance please let me know.


Lawan Subba



Kyla McMullen_3

I'm interested in seeing this as well

Sam Black

Getting the Plug-in

I'm interested in getting the plug-in as well.  If you're still sharing it, please send me the details:




Sam Black
Computer Science Department
Lubbock High School

Hao Zhen Lei

Plaggie plugin

Hi, is the Plaggie plugin still available?  Please send me the plugin to  Thanks.

José Augusto Baranauskas

Dear Lawan, I'm interested in

Dear Lawan,

I'm interested in adding this feature to my Web-CAT instance at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Please, contact me at  augusto at usp dot br. 

Marco Bertini

Installable plugin

Is it possibile to have this plugin available as instalable component without having to get everything from SVN ?


Lawan Thamshuhang

Dear Marco, Yes the

Dear Marco,

Yes the functionality is available as a installable component. 

But also requires you to update one of the tables in the database and store a config file.


Lawan Subba


Would Like to Give Plaggie a Try


I would be interested in adding this to my Web-CAT instance.  Contact me at

Mikel Larrañaga

Would like to test it in our

Would like to test it in our web-cat instance. 



Lawan Thamshuhang

Dear Mikel Can you give me

Dear Mikel

Can you give me your email address so that we can communicate more easily.


Lawan Subba

Mikel Larrañaga