Slowness of local webcat because of website being down


I run a local web-cat server at my college.

When the site was down for about a day last week overall use of web-cat here on my server was really slow because anytime a student went to the assignment page and submitted code to be tested the web-cat app. was contacting

It was painfully slow since it had to wait until the request to timed out. The actual unit testing and grading of student projects worked fine however.


Grep'ing through the web-cat webapp files shows lots of references such as this


WEB-INF/Web-CAT.woa/Contents/Library/Frameworks/Core.framework/WebServerResources/theme/base/fonts.css:         url('') format('truetype');



WEB-INF/Web-CAT.woa/Contents/Library/Frameworks/PerlForPlugins.framework/Resources/lib/Web_CAT/Clover/    "Answer"       => "",


Why are there so many external references? Can't these files be packaged with the war file or downloaded after the webapp install?

A local instance of web-cat shouldn't depend on an outside connection.


Thanks for your attention.