PythonPlugin published for web-based installation

We've been using this plug-in at Virginia Tech for quite a while, but it wasn't officially published for web-based installation on other servers.  In response to a recent request, we've added it to the list of published plug-ins, so feel free to try it out.  It is designed to use unittest (a.k.a. "PyUnit") for instructor-written and student-written tests.



Stephen Edwards

I see if I can publish it

It is not currently published for web distribution, and is only available in the SourceForge repository.  I'll see if I can add it to the published list--I need to double-check the sandboxing first.

The python plug-in comes with its own bundled version of Jython, if you wish to use media computation-style assignments.  Alternatively, it can use a native installation of python on the server.  Which version of python were you planning on using?

Also, which OS are you running your server on?  The python plug-in is curently in use on a linux-based server (CentOS), and should work well on most linux hosts, but hasn't been tested well on other OSes.

Finally, I do have an example of a simple Python assignment configuration for this plug-in.  The plug-in uses (pyUnit) for running reference tests.  They're pretty straightforward to write if you're familiar with other NUnit-style approaches.

sean h

Where can I find this

Where can I find this plugin?




Andrew Sayler

Python Example?

Is there any documention for or examples of using the Python plugin available? I didn't see any on the wiki.