Is this project actively maintained?

I'm just wondering, before we sink time and resources into trying Web-CAT, if it's activly maintained. I looks like there hasn't been a release in years. Considering all the secirity issues in Java over the past few years i'm surprised there isnt a recent build even if the code hasn't changed. Am I going to have issues running this in a recent version of Tomcat? What Eclipse versions are supported.







Stephen Edwards

Yes, we're actively

Yes, we're actively maintained.  It turns out that Web-CAT has a built-in self-update feature, and nearly all of our work has been pushed out to users via live updates.  The reason there hasn't been a new build in so long is that the ancient build actually auto-updates to the latest version when you install it.  Yes, a more recent build would be really nice--and has been on my list for a long time--but it always turns out that there are more pressing tasks for the project.

At the same time, our efforts at new features are often spotty, since we're academically powered--meaning we're always balancing the project's needs against what students are available, and what thesis topics they are working on.  Still, Web-CAT is extremely actively used by a very large community, with Fall 2015 shaping up to be the biggest semester yet (over 100 schools, with in excess of 25K users worldwide ... and somewhere near 2M programs submitted through the main Web-CAT server at Virginia Tech to date, averaging 180-250K submissions per semester).