multiple file submission

Is it possible to submit more than one file on the web interface without creating an archive? (Use case -- students need to submit two simple files but can only select one.)

Is it possible to submit only selected files from an Eclipse project via the plug-in? (Use case -- students are provided the test cases but those should not be uploaded as 'student test cases'.)

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Stephen Edwards

The web interface only

The web interface only supports a single-file upload, so students currently have to use a zip, jar, or tar archive to upload multiple files.  Since both Windows and Mac allow one-click archive creation from multi-file selections, that seems fairly reasonable.  It would be possible to change this, but we've got much more serious UI issues on the task list at the moment.

As far as only submitting selected files, there are two answers.  First, no, the student cannot select which files to include/exclude manually at submission time.  However, yes, the instructor can configure the assignment to exclude files.  This is under the assignment's submission policy--at the bottom, you can specify specific files by name to exclude, or use file patterns.  For example, adding * and * to the exclude list will cause submission plugins (in Eclipse, BlueJ, whatever) to omit any files matching the named patterns from submissions.

One common use case for this is when instructors provide one or more files for students (a pre-written GUI, a utility class, whatever), but don't wish for students to be "graded" on these source files.  Excluding them from student submissions leaves the out entirely, and students aren't graded via static analysis checks (or code coverage) on those files.  If the corresponding classes are needed for running instructor tests, compiled versions can be added to the assignment's configuration via an uploaded jar file, so you get the best of both worlds: students can download/use the source in their projects, but it isn't uploaded or counted against them in grading, and the classes are still available for use in instructor reference tests (or even in student-written tests).



Your reply definitely helps me out -- thanks for taking the time to answer and to talk more about the filtering.