layout style lost

Hi there,

My Web-CAT has suddenly stopped to load or apply its regular layout style. I've not changed anything in the server. 

In case you want to check, here is the url

Has anybody faced/solved similar trouble?

Thanks in advance!



Stephen Edwards

OK, that looks really odd.

OK, that looks really odd.  It is clear that the static resources (the css files and so on) are not available where they are supposed to be.  These resources are actively copied by Web-CAT to one of two destinations, depending on how you've set some of your advanced config options.  The default (and most common) destination is the root of your web app, alongside the WEB-INF directory.  This is how your server is configured, as you can tell by inspecting the HTML generated for your front page.  You'll see references to css files that look like this:

The portion of the URL path from "Core.framework/..." on should be a legal path inside the webapps/Web-CAT_1.4.0/ directory.  The first step is to check and confirm that this is either absent or present in your file system.  I'm going to guess it is absent ...

That means Web-CAT failed to copy the resources to this destination as it should have.  This sounds like it might be from a failed or partial download of an updated to the Core subsystem.  I'd suggest trying these actions:

1) Download (the latest update to core) and place it in your webapps/Web-CAT_1.4.0/WEB-INF/pending-updates folder, which will "refresh" the installed version of this subsystem on your next restart, just in case.

2) Edit your webapps/Web-CAT_1.4.0/WEB-INF/Web-CAT.woa/ file with your favorite text editor and remove all lines that begin with "".  This will force Web-CAT to update all of the static resources (css, javascript, etc.).

3) Restart tomcat.

I think this will fix you up.  After you've done it, you can re-check your webapps/Web-CAT_1.4.0/ directory to confirm that the necessary contents were copied there, like the css file listed above.

Fabricio Braz

Core.framework/WebServerResources empty


Thank you so much for the clues. I found that the Core.framework/WebServerResources was empty. I mean, it had the folder structure, without any files. It's very strange, since I've not employed any changes on the server files. 

Anyway, It's everything working as its supposed to be.