Initial Setup - Load issues

I'm trying to set up the Web-Cat server on my SuSE - Tomcat installation. When I deploy the war(zip) file to the tomcat server and try to run it, I'm getting a plethora of errors.  I imported the files into a Netbeans project and tried to run it on Glassfish and again experienced problems with it. 

The problems seem to be in an import call for the "import com.webobjects.*"  it returns the error that "com.webobjects" does not exist. 

Does Web-Cat require other libraries be imported from other sources or does the .war file that is available on Sourceforge missing some of the code? 

Help anyone !!!!   I'm trying to get this server set up and tested for this fall semester.






Error for package*

Hello Team,

After importing the java file in src folder, I am getting error "* can't be resovled". So basically where I can find the package "com.webobjects." which are missing?

Stephen Edwards

We've had many negative

We've had many negative reports about trying to deploy the war file.  Instead, we recommend stopping tomcat and manually unpacking the war file in your webapps directory.  The problem is that the war file is too large, and tomcat may fail to completely unpack it before starting the app under some conditions.

The error you've seen is consistent with a corrupt/partial install, which is usually what people see when errors occur during a tomcat auto-deploy.

The war file is complete and actually includes all the necessary dependencies and jars, but it sounds like you may have imported the files from the tomcat-deployed version of the app instead of by unzipping the war by hand, maybe?


Error Path

Just an addition to the last post,  the errors seem to be generated in files in the WEB-INF/Web-Cat.woa/Contents/Library/Frameworks/JavaDirectToWeb.framework/Resources folder.

Ian Hickey


Just curious - why did you import the files into NetBeans? I just stated glassfish from netbeans services tab, turned off XML validation (Applications tab from the Glassfish GUI on localhost:4848) and pasted the .war file into the autodeploy DIR. Half a minute later I could see the application was deployed and was able to navigate to it. That confirms that the same .war file (from SourceForge Web-CAT_1.4.0.war but renamed Web-CAT.war) for me is deployable on Tomcat 6 (running on CentOS, Amazon AMI, and Windows Server 2008) and Glassfish (Windows 7). As stated above, either your .war file is corrupt, or the .war file is not fully unzipped before the application tries to start (I have never experienced that issue though). You could also check for permission problems or SEVERE messages in your Catalina.out.