Hi and absolute beginner questions


I have been asked to evaluate web-cat for my work here at the University of Western Ontario.


1) All the introductory documentation seems to be offline currently.  Every time I click on these links I get "This webpage has a redirect loop".   This makes it kind of hard to read up on this project.

(ie:  http://wiki.web-cat.org/WCWiki/WhatIsWebCat  -also- http://wiki.web-cat.org/WCWiki/WebCatCookbook )

I've tried working through the  "internet wayback machine" web archive, but that is rather tedious.   Is this going to be fixed anytime soon, OR are there any documentation mirrors up at other sites?

2) I am VERY interested in the video tutorials.   Those are not in the internet archive -- is there a youtube link to those?  

(ie: http://wiki.web-cat.org/WCWiki/SubmissionWalkthrough )




Art Mulder



Isaac Griswold-Steiner


I don't know what happened, but the people running this project are MIA. I'm going to be putting up new documentation soon to help people out. I'll link it in the forums soon.


Looking forward to your

Looking forward to your docs... Are you still planning on putting them up?

Stephen Edwards

After a bit of an absence

After a bit of an absence from the forums, I'm back.  Also, note that this site provides wiki pages that you can create/edit yourself, so feel free to put docs on here.  I'm hoping to import the old wiki pages here, although the wiki page notation is not the same as on the original wiki.  Let me know if there are specific pages from the old wiki site that you're looking for so I can try to add them here.