Help in installation


I tried to install web-cat on locall server but i got this problem


MySQL Database Configuration

  • Failed to connect to the database using the update user.

MySQL server host name:This is the host name for your MySQL server, which is usually "localhost".MySQL server port:This is the port number on which your MySQL server listens. The default port value for MySQL is port 3306.MySQL user name:This is the MySQL user name that Web-CAT will use when connecting to the MySQL server. It can be 'root', or a username given to you by your database adminnistrator.MySQL password:This is password that will be used when connecting to MySQL under the user name specified above. A non-empty password is mandatory.MySQL database name:This is the name of the MySQL database to use. If at all possible, use a database that only contains Web-CAT tables. If you run multiple Web-CAT servers that share the same MySQL server, they must each have their own unique database.