GUITestCase Problem with getFirstComponentMatching and Similar Methods

I have been doing a lot of GUI testing for one of my classes and tests that were working in Summer 1 do not now. Specifically, it is a problem when I call getComponent, getFirstComponentMatching, or any of the similar methods. I tracked it down to a problem in GUITestCase where runtTestMethod (or runBare) was not being called and, consequentially, the finder variable was not being initialized. I'm using JUnit 4 style tests and inheriting from GUITestCase.

I did find a workaround.  In my test class's setUp method, I'm calling fixtureSetUp directly and it initializes everything that needs to be initialized. I was calling fixtureTearDown in my tearDown method but that causes a sercurity exception on Web-CAT.



Stephen Edwards

When you say "working in

When you say "working in Summer I do not now", do you mean on the Web-CAT server, or in your own personal environment?  If on your own machine, can you confirm whether or not your copy of student.jar is on the classpath ahead of any JUnit jar?  Also, do you know if you're using the latest student.jar?

If instead, you mean this is happening on the Web-CAT server, can you direct me to an assignment + submission where this is exhibited?

It sounds suspiciously like some recent changes in student.jar this summer (as part of the upgrade to the latest JUnit, which was not backwards compatible with the prior JUnit enhancements in student.jar) may be at fault, but a little more info will help track it down.  Thanks.