Getting Web-CAT to accept Java 8 submissions

We have a Web-CAT install that accepts Java 7 submissions.
It needs to accept Java 8 submissions.

I'm a complete newbie with Web-CAT, and the previous maintaner is no longer available.
I would much appreciate any assistance with this. (Also, I could probably find budget to hire somebody as a contractor...)


Anthony Winstanley
Education Technology Architect
UBC Department of Computer Science



Stephen Edwards

We have full Java 8 support

We have full Java 8 support running on the main server.  I'll post the updates for it later this month, once I update the Checkstyle plugin (again).  Will that be soon enough for your use?


Sure, that works for us.

Sure, that works for us. :)

(I only noticed your reply by browsing back to this website; I thought I would get email... Glad I checked!)