Eclipse CxxTest plugin on Fedora 18

There are a number of patches to the CxxTest plugin necessary to make it work on Fedora 18 (or probably any of the fast-moving Linux distributions--I have Eclipse, Eclipse CDT 8.1.1, and gcc 4.7.2) and to work with 64-bit systems.  I can send you patches for the C++ template files and the tutorial, and I can tell you what changes are necessary for Eclipse project settings (one of them is referenced in  If you are interested, please let me know where to send them.

Also, I'm curious which version of cxxtest you used to build the plugin and do you have plans to move to the latest (4.1)?




Marco Bertini

I'm interested in the CxxTest

I'm interested in the CxxTest Eclipse plugin: I'm trying to use it with OSX 10.9 and Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler): the plugin correctly creates the skeletons and runAllTests.cpp but the results of the tests are not shown in the Eclipse Cxx panel that's added by the plugin.

Stephen Edwards

Yes, please send patches

Yes, we've noticed some "decay" in the CxxTest library, because we have relatively few classes still using C++.  We've had another user report some fixes they made, also for 64-bit compatibility.  So please send your patches to us at and we'll try to combine both.


Patches sent as requested.

Patches sent as requested.  Let me know if you have questions. 


I believe I have similar problems


Thanks for posting this, because I am also having problems with CxxTest on Eclipse. I have tried installing the student C++ plugin on OSX 10.8 wth XCode, and on Windows 7 with MinGW and Cygwin, and each time I've gotten the same error: that the CxxTest includes cannot be found. Do you know what Eclipse settings are necessary to fix this?

Also, my troubles with installing Web-CAT with the CppTdd plugin (on Amazon Linux) seem to be related to the CppTdd plugin. Your patches may help me. If you can, send them to kate i cunning (w/o spaces) AT gmail

Thank you for any help, I'd really like to get Web-CAT running for my students.

Best, Katie