Don't run student Tests

I've been setting up WebCat and using CppTddPlugin. I cannot get Webcat to stop running student tests. I've set the "test coverage metric" to "no coverage" but that only means it doesn't count toward your grade not that the students don't need to submit a test reference case. Is there any way to use CppTdd plugin but only test the code against instructor code?



Carl Alphonce

Any follow-up on not requiring student tests with CppTddPlugin?

We are exploring using Web-CAT beyond our Java intro courses, for our C++ data structures course.  The instructor does NOT want to require students to write unit tests.  Is there any way to turn this off, as there is in the JavaTddPlugin?  If so, how do we do it?  If not, will it be provided, and how soon could it be available?


Also very interested in this possibility

I would also like students to be able to submit code against instructor tests, without needing to submit their own tests. I'm very interested if there is a workaround, especially given the fact that I'm unable to install the CxxTest plugins on Eclipse or Visual Studio.