Compiling from source - making progress!

Hi all,

First of all, if you're interested in having Web-CAT compile reliably from source code, please reply to this! Even just +1-- that way I know if people care.

I'm working with Maxim Khon to create an automatic build of Web-CAT from source. You can see it in progress here:

Some interesting things about the way we're going about it:

  • We created a Vagrant configuration, so that people can compile Web-CAT in a Linux virtual machine, with automatic tooling to set up the virtual machine.
  • We're using for a public compile, so that it should be possible for anyone to see if Web-CAT compiles at the moment.

Status so far:

  • It automatically downloads dependencies (like WebObjects) and successfully compiles on Ubuntu 14.04 ("trusty").
  • Maxim is working on adjusting the scripts so that they works with the version of ant & Ubuntu available on

If this is useful for the main Web-CAT project, that is great. I would love to see y'all take this work and use it. Maxim and I can license it however is needed.

I'm interested in this because I want it to be possible to run Web-CAT in the web app package manager, which will probably require some source code changes.

It's also probably worth mentioning that I discovered Web-CAT via Katie Cunningham, who has been posting here.

Finally, please do reply with a +1 if you find this interesting! I'm trying to find out if this work automating the compile is useful.



Kyla McMullen_3


I am currently trying to figure out how to use Web-Cat on AWS for the Fall Semester (11 days away!). 

Jean-Paul Labadie


There aren't many options for automated grading and student support that can be compared to Web-CAT.

But the install process and dependencies aren't well documented. While I've navigated these issues and successfully installed Web-CAT on an AWS machine, attempts to deploy it on machines at my university have failed (resulting in version 1.4 being presented instead of 1.5). A way of easilly compiling Web-CAT for this evironment might solve this and related deployment issues, so I think it's a great idea.