All Links to WebCat Wiki no longer work

All of the links to the Web-cat wiki (specifically to the WebCatCookbook) now seem to be broken with an endless redirect.



Stephen Edwards

The wiki had to be taken down

Due to some software issues, I had to take it offline to reinstall the server.  All of the content has been captured, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to restore it in its old form.  I'm considering instead trying to port the contents to pages on this site (and putting in real redirects).  Opinions?

Håkan Jonsson

What is the current status

What is the current status regarding this issue? Has there been any progress on the matter?

Isaac Griswold-Steiner

Anything helps

I'm trying to implement webcat for my school and I'm totally lost in terms of setting it up. So I'd really appreciate a link to a download of all of the content you had to pull. Even if it isn't very well formatted, I can handle that, but I can't find any good tutorials on how to set this up.



Isaac Griswold-Steiner

Found a temporary solution

Use until everything is fixed

Unfortunately stuff like "create a new user" is still missing